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Testing Glossary: Call to Action (CTA)

WhichTestWon's Definition:


The element(s) on the page that tell a visitor what to do next in order to convert or move to the next stage of the conversion process. The actual element can be anything from a simple text hotlink to a big fat button, or it may be a chat icon, phone number, etc. Art and offer copy surrounding the call to action is also included. What does your button actually say? What do the words next to it say? Is the call clear? Is there anything to induce a higher conversion rate such as deadline, exclusivity, or special offer? Lastly, is there any call to action at all? (A lot of consultants who say their blogs are marketing devices have no calls to action on their blogs whatsoever.)

Lots of marketers test buttons, including size and placement, which can help results. But we’ve found the copywriting and the offer next to the button is even more effective in raising conversion rates. It’s not just about a bigger button. It’s about a more compelling offer.

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