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Testing Glossary: B2B

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Business-to-Business. You are a business that sells products or services to other businesses or to workers for job-related purposes. For some reason (in our experience) this term thoroughly confuses people who are not B2B specialists. They seem to think that because they are “in business,” they must ipso facto be with a B2B company. Annoying for a researcher covering the B2B marketing beat, but hardly earth shattering for anyone else.

B2B marketers often (but not always) are testing-challenged because they tend to market to a highly targeted, niche market. Conclusive test results require a certain amount of conversions, which in turn require a certain level of traffic. You might be able to run a simple A/B test with just a few hundred unique page visitors per month if the conversion measured is a very popular one, such as clicking on any link whatsoever to go further into the site instead of abandoning. If, however, you want to test improving lead generation conversion rates, depending on the quality of your form and your brand-name, you may need as many as 10,000 visitors to that page per month. Some B2B marketers are happy to get that much traffic in six months! This makes some types of multivariate (MVT) tests tough and limits A/B/N split tests to only the most critical pages and elements.

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