Top 3 A/B Tests You Could Implement Today

Since this is the inauguration of our official Which Test Won? Testing News Blog, what better time to highlight our Top 3 A/B Tests (pulled from our library of 63 past testing case studies).

#1. eCommerce

This is a paid online subscription site for U.S. military veterans who want to meet and share information. FutureNow, a marketing optimization firm, used Google Website Optimizer to run this A/B test on the site’s order form. The ONLY thing they tested was the cancellation policy. Version A had very simple, short cancellation policy copy while Version B had longer cancellation policy copy. Please take a minute to go to our site and vote on which you think won: Click here to vote.

The winner got 14.5% more free registrants to purchase a subscription. I chose this as one of our top A/B tests because the voting results were so close. Only 55% of our visitors got this one right. 45% guessed wrong.

#2. B2B Lead Gen

I love this A/B test. It was conducted on a banner ad for a German landing page optimization webinar. The company conducted it in-house using Vertster’s testing technology. The two banners were identical except: Version A featured an image of the presenter on the right and the call to action button on the left. Version B featured no image and the call to action button on the right. Which do you think boosted on-demand webinar sign-ups by 65%? Click here to vote.

Again, I chose this one because 71% of our visitors got it wrong! And there was a ton of discussion: 29 comments.

#3. Search Landing Page

This one is great because even though there were several changes, both pages follow best practices. It’s also great because the testing firm, WiderFunnel Marketing Optimization, measured both unique phone calls (leads) and online form completes. Major changes to this travel landing page were: Version A – larger page headline, orange sub-head, no hero shot, call to action button on right side with arrow pointing to it. Version B – blue sub-head, left side hero shot, call to action button on left. Which one got 23.77% more calls to the 1-800 number and 5.25% more online form completes? Click here to vote.

This one is tricky, which is why I think it belongs in the Top 3. It’s got an important lesson about what to measure.

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