New Test for Your Vote: Add an Overlay On Top of a Landing Page

It’s time for you to cast your vote for this week’s test and find out the real-life results.

Should you put an overlay (also known as a ‘lightbox’) on top of your ad’s response page? This is a really unusual test. A lot of sites put overlays on top of regular site pages, but I’ve almost never seen one on top of a response page. This test was for recruiting affiliates, but would apply to lots of other marketing goals. Click over to see the samples and results now at WhichTestWon.com

Thanks — and looking forward to your comments!

P.S. Thanks to everyone who blogged and/or Twittered about us this past week, especially Jam Communications, WebAnalysts.Info, Jennifer Horton, Randy Saunders, Joe Hobot, Grasshopper, Sean Collier, Jeremy Butler, Terje Gaupseth, Tom Osypian, Hasan Ismail, Bill Broadbent, InternetStacks, Heather Foeth, Jason Billingsley, Herb Jones, james padden, Dean Cruse, Eloqua, Xander Pyatetsky, Kevin Moran, Chris Coyier, Peter Laub, Shawna Fennell, and Chad White.

July 9, 2009 | Posted by admin |   Click here to tweet this
Category: B2B Marketing Tests, Landing Pages, Page Element Tests (Buttons, Images, Overlay, etc.)

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