New A/B Test for Your Vote: Which Product Demo Page Boosted Sign-Ups 190%?

Have you thought about optimizing your product demo page lately? Discover how this B2B company tested two different approaches and improved lead gen form submissions by 190%. But which demo page won? Click here and vote to find out.

Visitors to the demo page came mostly from an offer and a big button on the homepage, so it was primarily internal traffic. But the sample size was large enough to get results with a 95% confidence level.

Please tell us why you voted for Version A or B in the comments section after you vote. http://whichtestwon.com/archives/5348

P.S. Thanks to the all the *lovely* people and blogs who linked to us and helped get the word out about WhichTestWon.com this past week, including Alastair Campbell, Alessandro Focardi, Alex Mos, Alexis Rodrigo, Angie Schottmuller, bethesdaemediamarketing, Brendon Smyth, Brian T. Edmondson, Carl Schmidt, Carrie Ann Trieglaff, Chantelle Flannery, Charles Neville, Conradmorris, Craig Sullivan, CreativeResultsMarketing.com, D Bnonn Tennant, Dan Wiltse, Daniel Redman, Datarati, David Alonso, David Coyne, Debbie Bellis, Debbie Swider, DiamondWebConversion, Digital Popcorn, Doppelpager, Doug Hudiburg, Ed Taylor, Elastic Path, Email Marketing, Enrique Serrano, FavTweeps, Green 17 Creative, Hamish Gilbertson, How2Marketing, Ian Spicer, ion interactive, Jared Owen, Jason Buzzell, Jerzee Trash, Jessica Bertling, Jim Williams, John Cecil, Josh Summerhays, Kahlil Corazo, Karen Tiede, Kathy Swanson, Kevin Burke, Kevin Hillstrom, Kevin Wood , Kristin Zhivago, Kristina Narusk, LandingPageTips, Laura Mitchell, Laurent Barbat, Lex Sisney, Lior Levin, Lost Ferret, Mandy Ison,  Mary Sweeny, Mathijs v/d Linden, Matías Candal, mediashark inc, Megan Farrell, Michel Fortin, Mike Mountford, mthrynn, Optimizely, Patrick Bakker, Renate Sombroek, Rob Stocks, Roberta Rosenberg, Ross Schmadebeck, Sara Lancaster, Sarah Livingston, Sarah Naeher, Sierra M* Slettvet, Steve Lampert, Sue Jespersen, The Bank Channel, Thinkdesign, Vinny Poliseno, Vladimir V Sakharov, Will Scully-Power.

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