New A/B Test for Your Vote: Which Homepage Got More Revenue – Navigation vs. Benefits Copy?

Testing your homepage can be tricky business, since many people have a say in its design. But the rewards can also be great.

Click here to vote on this week’s test and see which homepage – one that featured additional navigation vs. one with benefits & sales copy – got a 27.9% boost in revenue for this ecommerce site.

Please share your insights and comments about the winning page after you vote: http://whichtestwon.com/archives/9683

Check out the Top 56 Testing Agencies in our first-ever Agency Buyer’s Guide: http://whichtestwon.com/agencyguide

If you’re an agency that offers testing and you’re not in it, let us know: http://whichtestwon.com/new-buyers-guide-listing

P.S. Thanks to the *loads* of people and blogs who linked to us  and helped get the word out about WhichTestWon.com this past week, including Achean Consulting, Albert Miyake, Alex Fauth, Amadesa, Amber Cleave, Angel Gienger, Angie Monopoli, Anne Janzer, Ante Markic, Babar Bosack, Bas van de Pol, Bengt Hammari, Bennie Rippee, Bob Hebeisen, Bob Nunn, Brigitte Casemyr, Bruce Craig, Carlos Grotger, Catherine Algeri, Chris Plato, Chris Willis, Christian Gressley, Christina Chetroi, Conrad Morris, Cynthia LaLuna, Dale Wolf, Dan Marks, Dan Ouchterlony, Datarati, Dave Collins, David Brinks, David Henzel, David Scoville, Diamond Marketing, Diamond Web Conversion, Dianne Vos, DoublePlus.com, Doug Kessler, Drew Lacewell, Duncan Smith, Elastic Path, Emily Dick, Erno Hannink, Evia Calloway, Factor T, Fav Tweeps, Flor Juenger, Geoffrey Holman, Henrique Garcia, hjorthholm, Holly Schwartz, Howard J. Sewell, Igor Mateski, In Touch Marketing, Internetski Mkt, James O’Malley, Jan Wichmann, Janet Aldrich, Jason Buzzell, Jean Simmons, Jennifer Fontaine, Jenny Bridle, Jeremy Conant, Jesse Gibbs, Jessie B, Jim Williams, Joe Karet, Joelle Reagans, Johan Mansson, Jonathan Boehman, Karsten Lund, Kathlene Guiney, Kati Herranen, Keith Hagen, Keitha Troendle, Kelly Pires, Kevin Smith, Kristoffer Hilaris, Krysta Monpoli, Laila Gsell, Lauren Dillon, Laurie Pringle, lgraynne, Lois Shiver, Lyla Dewyse, Marcel Koot, Marketing Filter, Marty Robbins, Matias Candal, Matt Gritman, Matt Martelli, Mattias Durnik, Megan Leap, Mel Sequeira, Michael Brenner, Michael Grebin, Michael Kimb Jones, Michael Pekarcik, Michael Ramsey, Michal Parizek, Mieke Van Os, Mischa Verheijden, Newsery9, Nicole Sue Low Chee, Noel Ponthieux, Nordic Kay, Pamela Grow, Peter Cooper, Pieter vd Heijden, Rachel Foster, ReStream, Rick Siegfried, Rob Paredes, Robert Brugman, Robert Estupinian, Roko Nastic, Ross Schamadebeck, Roz Moore, Scott Fasser, Scott Memenga, Sean Collier, Shannon Belew, Sharon Mostyn, Shawna Seigel, Shonal Narayan, SQA Connect, Stacy Taylor, Stephan Rosger, Sue Jespersen, Susan Shaffer, Suzanne Collinge-Sim, Tanja Jans, Team SMS, Tess Gallagher, The Fiddler Group, The Profit Frog, Tonette Vig, Toni Knowles, Tracy Keith, Usabilidade, Valentina Papar, Web Design Filter, Will Scully-Power, William Tyree, Xochitl Lancour.

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