New A/B Test for Your Vote: Which Checkout Page Boosted Sales by 23%?

If you guessed last week’s test wrong, I can bet this week’s will be a bit of a challenge as well. Only this time, there are a lot of changes between Version A and Version B – so look closely. The payoff, though, was huge. A 23% lift in actual purchases. See if you can guess which is the winning checkout page template.

This is a template test. The copy, and number and type of checkout form fields were the same in both versions.

Vote for the one you think won, and then please do post a comment about why you think the winning image won.

Also, I just noticed last week’s test had 40 comments and the week before had 38 comments. That’s a lot of great discussion going on. Trust me, we know how valuable your comments are. It adds so much to the results write up, so thank you!

P.S. We can tell people liked the new ‘share on Twitter’ options! Thanks to the *gaggles* of people who linked to us and helped get the word out about WhichTestWon.com this past week, including 5nova-web brilliance, Adam Zais, Alexis Antonelli, Amadesa, Anne Janzer, Artyem V. Shkondin, Biz2BizNWA, Bob Johnson, Brian T. Edmondson, Cabbott, Christine CJ Owens, Christine Demasi, CodeBaby, Datalicious, Datarati, Dave Fisher, David Salmassian, David Travis, Deb J. Jones, Digital Solid, Discovery Session, Gerard Dolan, D. James Bethesda, Doug Morris, Ed Borasky, Elastic Path, Elizabeth Ball, eROI, Facebook Ecommerce Blog, Glenn Edelman, Ian Lyons, Ileana Habsburg Snyder, J. Ambrose Little, James Shaw, Jeff Brooks, Future Fundraising Now, Jeff Larche, Jens Schriver, Johannes Neuer, John Williams, Jon Lloyd, Jon Whitehead, Kat Gritzmacher, Kristiaan Kremer, Landing Page Tips, Luke Glasner, Lynn Goehring, Mark Copeman, Marketing Filter, Matt Cooper, Matthew Stroh, Melody Lentsch, Michael de Louwere, Minoru Uchida, Mollie King, Norman Reiss, Oliver Demuth, Patrick Bakker, Peeyoosh Chandra, Reedge, Ricky Juarez, Rob Willox, Rosana Levesque, Rose Matthews, Ross Schmadebeck, Sandie Lewis, Sandra Newton, Shelby Sanchez, Sin, Stany, Stefan Wobben, Stephen Wade, Steve Lampert, TechPad, The Retail Email Blog, Tim Courtney, Tom W. Evans, Userplus, UX Feeder, Will Scully-Power.

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