New A/B Test for Your Vote: Email Image Ad vs. Text Ad – Which Boosted Clicks & Form Entries?

Should you use image or text ads in your next email to prospects? It depends on which gets more clicks and conversions: Vote on this week’s test to find out what worked for a B2B publisher who ran the test on its mega-list of registered members.

We were thrilled when the in-house marketing team at IDES decided to run this email test and share it exclusively with WhichTestWon.com. They had been curious about the “Image Ad vs. Text Ad” debate for a while.

Please note: The two emails are identical except for the ad in the lower left corner. Column width varies slightly, as well. Also, the subject lines, landing pages, and thank you pages were all identical.

Don’t forget to share your insights and comments after you vote: http://whichtestwon.com/archives/6779

P.S. Thanks to the *loads* of people and blogs who linked to us and helped get the word out about WhichTestWon.com this past week, including Adamzais, AdBean.net, alex tsai, Alexander Muir, Alexander Rink, All Business, Andrew Baker, Angie Nikoleychuk, Angie Schottmuller, Anne Miles, Annemieke van Herk, anoushkabalyan, Anthony Onesto, Astrid Idema, ATG Expert, Beth, BitBang Optimization, Carl Schmidt, caseymurphy, CDC eCommerce, Chester Bullock, Cris Rominger, Crystal Fukata, Dainius Blynas, Damian & Miguel, Daphne Gray-Grant, Dave Callan, David Bardwell, Deborah OMalley, DiamondWebConversion, Diane Dresser, Donna Baier Stein, Doug Hudiburg, Ecomm Best Practices, Elastic Path, Elena Gerstmann, Elijah Vieau, Elise M. Phillips, Fav Tweeps, Francois, Fruition.net, Gab Goldenberg, Gary Robinson, Gerri Bauer, Gökmen Karasu, Greg Power, Greg Spence, Guillermo Pareja, gummisig, HaleyCertifiedCenter, Inman Community, ion interactive, Irina, IxD Studio, JaapJS, jack Hollingsworth, Jake Poinier, james_rembish, jchiavas, Jeff Horn, Jeff McClellan, Jeff Mills, Jen from DIRECT HITS, jenhorton, Jessica Mercado, john cecil, Jonathan Stoikovitch, Josh Summerhays, Joshua Daley, Joy, Kara Galvin, Kate Morris, Kathleen Devilbiss, Kenichi Suzuki, Kevin Butler, Korey Bachelder, Kraig Guffey, Kyle Henderick, Landing Page Tips, Lars Klinggaard, Laura Mitchell, Laurie Foley, Lorraine Thompson, Marilyn Kay, Mark Appel Twinfield, Marketing Coach, Marketing Results, Martin Walsh, Mathijs v/d Linden, Matías Candal, Matt Fenton, Medical Scrubs, Melody Lentsch, michael foreman, Michal Wachstock, Michele Souder, Mike Snavely, Mitch Tarr, Naomi Niles, Nate, Nhu Le, Nick King, Nora Guy, nuet, OnlineDon, outbox design+mktg, PennyMoxie, Per Esmann Jensen, Peter Ansbacher, Philippe Morin, Philipp Postrehovsky, Phillipa Wirangi, Restupinian, Rob Paredes, Rob Stocks, Roberta Rosenberg, robinteractive, ROI Factory, Ross Schmadebeck, Sacha Greif, Sarah Naeher, Sean Collier, Sean Platt, Serge Descombes, Simon Crabb, SiteTuners.com, Stan DeVaughn, sue Jespersen, Monetate, Todd Follansbee, tyesha snow, UXfeeds, Vanessa Bright, Vincent Beneche, Visitor Centric, Visual Website Optimizer, wendyflanagan, Wingify, Xaviera Ringeling, Yaroslav Stepanenko, Ymarketing, Zach Prez & ZinMarketing.

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