New A/B Test for Your Vote: eCommerce Cart Test with Double Digit Impact

Can you guess which ecommerce cart first page convinced 40.7% more shoppers to continue the checkout process?

One of the things I love about this test is that it wasn’t run on a big, famous site. It was conducted in the cart of a niche ecommerce site. I hear a lot of small and mid-sized company marketers saying they’d like to test but they don’t have the resources that big guys do. Well guys, if Curious Country Creations can find the budget to improve cart clicks by testing, you probably can too.

So, check this test out for ideas about what you could test on your own site. And then let me know your comments: http://whichtestwon.com/archives/3855

P.S. Thanks to everyone who linked to us and helped get the word out about WhichTestWon this past week, especially Simon Banoub, Nathaniel Stott, Sean Triner’s Blog, Email Institute, e-Tail, Melissa Ooi, La Publiteca! Blog, Tenrec Inc., Gary Zellerbach, Percasey, Emily Haynes, Phillip Hodgson, David Travis, Joanne Richardson, Ecommerce News, UXfeeds.

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