New A/B Test for Your Vote: Cute Guy in Pool vs Gentleman on Weight Bench?

Really fun test this week — can you guess which male model
image convinced more British consumers over 30 to enter
their contact info?:

By the way – if you do any email campaigns, I think this
test creative is a particularly fantastic example of a
well-designed email landing page.  Worth stealing ideas from

Check out the two versions, cast your vote and then let us
know what you think by posting a comment:

P.S. Thanks to all the folks who linked to us and helped get
the word out about WhichTestWon.com this past week, including
Adam Krause, Adriano Nadalin, Arend, Arnoud, Bob Nunn, Brooke
Browne, Bryan Chaney, Bryan Chaney, Chris Atherton, Chris
Bailey, Christine D, Craig Ryomoto, Crystal A, Cyril Bladier,
Darian Cairns-Cowan, Debbie Swider, Donna Baier Stein, Edu
Esclapés, Eric Sundberg, Floor van Riet, Gustaaf Vocking,
House of Kaizen, J. Janssen Steenberg, Josephine Sabin,
Josephine Sabin, Judith Soto, Landing Page Tips, Laura Mitchell,
Lisa Nistler, Mel Sequeira, Michel Fortin, Nancy Schwartz,
Nick Beranek, Optivo, Paul Boomer, Robert Lang, Simon Bostock,
Simon Malcolm, Stefan van Lierop, Stephanie Baldwin, Steve
Roberts, Stuart Jones, Sue Jespersen, TMG Custom Media,
Vanessa Bright, Vanessa Long, W3i, and Ythan J Pratt.

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