New A/B Test for Your Vote: Can Header Layout Increase Revenues?

Following last week’s look at the importance of headlines, this week’s test is all about the power of page headers. Click here to see how changing the layout of a header template increased revenues 12%.

This particular test was conducted on an ecommerce site for camping and hiking equipment. Because it’s a template test, the layout changes were site-wide.

Please tell us why you voted for Version A or B in the comments section after you vote. http://whichtestwon.com/archives/5274

P.S. Thanks to the *tons* of people who linked to us and helped get the word out about WhichTestWon.com this past week, including Abdul Karmach, Adam Zais, Alessandro Appodio, Alexander Muir, Alexis Antonelli, Alyssa Jones, Angie Schottmuller, Anne Miles, anoushkabalyan, Attawee J., Barbara Handley, Bear Files, Bethesda Media Marketing, bNet AU, Bob Johnson, Carin Galletta, Chicago Architecture, Chris, Christina Dick, Christina Rende, Christopher Penn, Colette, Colleen Grams, Cynthia Nagle, David Evans, Deb J. Jones, Debbie Bellis, Debbie Swider, Deni Kasrel, Digital Design Dojo, Digital Solid, Doppelpager, Eddie Gear, Elie Goodman, Elizabeth Ball, Eloqua, Email Marketing Reports, Eric Olsen, Eva Schouten, Fullmoon IS, Geni Whitehouse, Giraffe Forum, Henk Zwijenburg, HubSpot Blog, Ilse, Vermeulen, Jacco Nieuwland, James Shaw, Jeanne Hopkins, Jeff Brooks, Jeff Larche, Jessica Mercado, Jim Roberts, Jon Hensley, Julie Ginn, Karina, Kate Mckeon, Kate O’Neill, Kati Herranen, Ken Horst, Kerry, Kye Grace, Landing Page Tips, Laura Mitchell Leonie Millenaar, Lisa Felisky, Lisa Raehsler, Maarten Hazebroek, Malinea Conseil, Marian Dougan, Michael Blumfield, Michael Stickney, Michelle Mercier, Mitch Tarr, mthrynn, Naomi Niles, Netpaths, Nick Jervis, Oil Gardner, Olexandr Prokhorenko, Patricia Lane, Patrick Bakker, Phil Dobbie, Phillippe Morin, PraxisCafe, Rachel A. Franco, Robert Lodi, Robert Seres, Roberta Rosenberg, Ron Mahon, Ross Schmadebeck, Sandra Newton, Sarah Naeher, Shannon McParlane, Sin, SofiaMB, Stan DeVaughn, Steven Leconte, Su Min Sng, Sue Jespersen, Susan Shaffer, Terry Golesworth, Tom Butlin, VIP Email Ltd, WrightIMC.

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