New A/B Test for Your Vote: Black vs White Backgrounds for Shoe Shoppers

If you’re an ecommerce marketer, a site designer (or a shoe lover), you absolutely have to click to see this week’s test images from trendy German apparel site, frontlineshop.

Both product page versions offered the same shoe — shown in one of the largest product image shots we’ve ever seen in an ecommerce layout — at the same price. But one version got 39.3% more consumers to click on the ‘add to cart’ button. That’s an outstanding lift (in our experience successful ecommerce tests tend to show lifts more in the 10-20% range.)

Remember, please tell us why you voted for Version A or B in the comments section after you vote at http://whichtestwon.com/archives/5621.

Great News! We had more people Twitter or Blog about us this week than ever before! A record 142 names are listed below. We thank you all for continuing to read and link to us.

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Category: eCommerce Tests

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